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Up and Away Cub Scout Nova Award (Engineering – Fluid Dynamics)

Note: The Nova program is administered at the Council level. Check with your local council about availability before starting on a Nova award.

STEM activities are integrated into the Cub Scout Adventures which were updated in June 2024. For activities similar to this Up and Away Cub Scout Nova Award, see these adventures:

About the Up and Away Cub Scout Nova Award

The Up and Away Cub Scout Nova Award introduces young scouts to the fascinating world of fluid dynamics and its impact on everyday life. Through a series of engaging activities and experiences, scouts gain valuable insights into the behavior of fluids like liquids, gases, and plasmas.

Cub Scout Nova Emblem

Scouts have the option to explore fluid dynamics through various mediums, including watching shows or documentaries, reading articles, or a combination of both. They are encouraged to ask questions and discuss ideas with their counselors, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Completing hands-on activities such as designing and racing vessels in a Rain Gutter Regatta or Pinewood Derby, conducting terminal velocity investigations, and designing parachute delivery systems allows scouts to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. These activities promote problem-solving skills and scientific inquiry.

Scouts also have the opportunity to visit facilities such as indoor skydiving wind tunnels, observatories, or wind tunnel facilities, where they can further explore fluid dynamics concepts and participate in STEM education programs. These experiences provide real-world context and deepen their understanding of fluid dynamics principles.

By reflecting on how fluid dynamics is present in their everyday lives, scouts gain a greater appreciation for the subject and its relevance. This Nova Award equips scouts with valuable knowledge and skills that are applicable beyond scouting, fostering a lifelong interest in science and exploration.


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