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BSA Methods – Group Activities

Those of you who are involved in Scouts BSA might be saying “That’s not one of the methods of Scouting”.  Remember there are different methods Scouts BSA and Venturers. “Group Activities” is one of the methods for Venturers.

Many Venturing Crews are built around a purpose. A Crew chartered to a religious organization might be focused on service projects. A Crew could be organized to learn more about model trains. Whatever the interest of the group, they will need to organize some group activities. This will give the participants real world experience which will help them as they continue to mature.

How can this method be incorporated into a Venturing program:

  • Have a regular schedule – how many activities will there be each month?
  • Let the members take turns organizing the activities so that they are sharing the work
  • If attendance is poor, encourage them to review their plan and try something different if necessary


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