Webelos Duty to God and You Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

A group of youth and an image of the Webelos Duty to God and You Cub Scout adventure emblem.

Duty to God and You is one of the Webelos required adventures For this adventure, Webelos either earn the religious emblem of their faith or plan and take part in a worship service or reflection.

Resources for Webelos Den Leaders and Parents

Put your Duty to God into practice with these related ideas and achievements:

Faith Requirements for Cub Scouts and Agnostics or Atheists

Two Cub Scout leaders ask about how to complete the faith related requirements with Cub Scouts who are raised in agnostic or atheist homes. See the discussion and reader comments.

Should Duty To God Requirements Be Completed at Home or at a Meeting?

Readers discuss if it is better to do these requirements at a den meeting or ask families to do them at home. See what other Scouters think.

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