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Tiger Circles Adventure for 2024

This for the 2024 program year Cub Scout updates. This new program takes effect on June 1, 2024. See more details about the overall program updates here.

The Tiger Circles Adventure offers Tiger Cub Scouts a unique opportunity to connect with their family’s faith traditions and practice reverence. This adventure is about understanding and respecting the beliefs and customs that shape their families and communities. Through various activities, Tigers learn to appreciate the diversity of faiths and the common values they share.

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In this adventure, Tigers engage with their own family’s faith in meaningful ways. They discuss and explore different holidays and celebrations that are significant to their family. This helps them understand and respect the depth and importance of their family’s traditions. By drawing or reflecting on these traditions, Tigers develop a deeper connection to their cultural and spiritual roots.

Attending a religious service or gathering with their family is another key component. This experience shows them how their family expresses reverence and faith in a communal setting. It’s an opportunity for Tigers to see faith in action, enhancing their understanding and respect for their own and others’ beliefs.

Finally, performing acts of kindness as part of this adventure emphasizes the values taught by many faith traditions. This activity helps Tigers put into practice the principles of compassion and service to others, which are central to reverence.

By participating in the Tiger Circles Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts not only learn about their own family’s faith traditions but also gain a respect for the diverse expressions of faith in their broader community. This adventure teaches them the importance of reverence, kindness, and cultural diversity, fostering a well-rounded perspective that will guide them throughout their lives in Scouting and beyond.

Requirements for the Tiger Circles Adventure

Tiger Circles Adventure Requirements

This Adventure may be earned by completing the requirements below OR by completing a Religious Emblem of the Cub Scouts family’s choosing.

  1. With your parent or legal guardian talk about your family’s faith traditions.   Identify three holidays or celebrations that are part of your family’s faith traditions. Draw a picture of your favorite family’s faith tradition holiday or celebration.
  2. With your family, attend a religious service OR other gathering that shows how your family expresses Family & Reverence.
  3. Carry out an act of kindness.

Resources for the Tiger Circles Adventure

Discovering Family Traditions

For the first requirement of the Tiger Circles Adventure, Tiger Cub Scouts explore the rich traditions of their family’s faith. This activity helps Tigers understand more about where they come from and what their family celebrates.

  • Discussion with a Parent or Guardian: Sit down with your parent or guardian to talk about what faith means in your family. Discuss different traditions, practices, and the meanings behind them.
  • Identify Important Holidays or Celebrations: Pick some holidays or celebrations that your family observes. These could be religious holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Diwali, etc., or they could be other meaningful celebrations specific to your culture or family tradition.
  • Drawing Your Favorite Holiday: Choose your favorite holiday from the ones you discussed. Draw a picture that shows how your family celebrates this day. It could be a scene of your family eating a special meal, participating in a religious service, or enjoying a family ritual.

This requirement not only teaches Tigers about their own faith but also encourages them to appreciate the diversity of traditions in the world around them.

Exploring Reverence

The Tiger Circles Adventure helps Tigers learn about respect and reverence as part of their growth. Requirement 2 of this adventure focuses on understanding how different families show respect and reverence, especially through gatherings or services.

  • Attend a Religious Service: Visit a place of worship that your family attends or explore a new one. This could be a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or another place of worship. Pay attention to the rituals and how people show reverence.
  • Participate in a Community Ritual or Ceremony: Join a community event like a wedding, funeral, or a cultural festival. Observe and discuss how these ceremonies show respect and importance to those involved.
  • Visit a Natural Site: Go to a nature reserve, park, or a quiet outdoor place where your family can feel peace and reflect on the beauty of the natural world. Discuss how taking care of the environment is a form of reverence.
  • Family Reflection Meeting: Have a special family meeting where each member shares something they respect deeply, like a personal item or a memory. Talk about why it’s important to show reverence to these things.
  • Attend a Charity Event: Participate in or visit a charity-driven event such as a fundraiser walk, a soup kitchen, or a charity sports event. Reflect on how helping others is a way of showing respect and reverence for the community.

Choose an activity that resonates with your family’s values and interests. Discuss the experience afterwards to deepen the understanding of reverence.

Spreading Kindness

Background Information:
For Tiger Cubs, Requirement 3 of the Tiger Circles Adventure focuses on performing acts of kindness. This helps young scouts learn the value of helping others and contributing positively to their community. Here are some ideas:

  • Make Cards for a Local Hospital or Nursing Home: Create handmade cards with positive messages and cheerful drawings. Deliver these to patients or residents to brighten their day.
  • Help a Neighbor: Offer to help a neighbor with chores like raking leaves, shoveling snow, or carrying groceries. It’s a simple way to show you care.
  • Set Up a Free Library: Put together a small book exchange box in your neighborhood where people can take a book or leave a book. This encourages reading and sharing.
  • Bake Treats for Community Workers: Bake cookies or muffins with your family. Take them to your local fire station, police station, or teachers at your school as a thank you for their hard work.
  • Clean Up Your Community: Organize a clean-up day at a local park or along a walking trail. Invite friends and family to help collect trash and keep the area beautiful.
  • Donate Old Toys and Clothes: Gather toys and clothes you no longer use and donate them to a local charity. This helps others and teaches you about giving.
  • Visit an Animal Shelter: Spend some time at an animal shelter. You can help by playing with the animals, which is good for them and fun for you.

Choose an act of kindness that you feel passionate about. Doing something nice for others not only helps them but makes you feel good too. Remember to discuss your chosen act of kindness with your parent or guardian before you begin.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Tiger Circles Adventure

What is the Tiger Circles Adventure?

The Tiger Circles Adventure is a program for Tiger Cubs in Cub Scouts. It helps them learn about their family’s faith traditions, show reverence, and do acts of kindness.

What does “reverence” mean in this adventure?

Reverence means showing deep respect for something or someone. In this adventure, it refers to how Scouts respect and honor their own family’s faith traditions and those of others.

Can I complete the Tiger Circles Adventure without attending a religious service?

Yes, you can. Besides attending a religious service, you can also participate in a gathering that shows how your family expresses reverence. This could be a non-religious ceremony or family tradition.

What are some examples of acts of kindness I can do?

Some acts of kindness include helping a neighbor, cleaning up a local area, making cards for people in hospitals, or donating toys. Choose an act that you enjoy and feel good about doing.

Do I have to complete all the requirements listed?

You need to complete all three requirements to earn the Tiger Circles Adventure badge. Alternatively, you can complete a Religious Emblem of your choice if it aligns better with your family’s faith traditions.

What if my family does not have strong faith traditions?

You can explore broader themes of reverence and respect, or you might discuss and explore different cultural traditions that emphasize respect and kindness. Also, see this article for advice.

Can I do an act of kindness with a friend?

Yes, you can certainly carry out an act of kindness with a friend or family member. It’s a great way to share the experience and make it more enjoyable.

Paws on Reverence

The Tiger Circles Adventure is designed for the youngest members of the Cub Scouts, known as Tiger Cubs. It focuses on teaching these young scouts about the importance of reverence through understanding and participating in their family’s faith traditions. This adventure encourages them to explore the values and beliefs that their families hold dear.

To complete this adventure, Tiger Cubs engage in three main activities. First, they discuss their family’s faith traditions with a parent or guardian, identifying key holidays and celebrations. This helps them understand their cultural and religious roots. Next, they attend a religious service or another reverent gathering with their family. This could be a traditional religious ceremony or a non-religious but meaningful family event that demonstrates reverence. Finally, they perform an act of kindness, which reinforces the values of caring and respect for others.

These activities are crafted to help Tiger Cubs appreciate the diversity of faith traditions and learn the significance of respecting and honoring these practices. The adventure not only promotes personal growth but also fosters a sense of community and empathy among the young scouts.


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