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Toasted Peeps Campfire Treats

Do you have some Peeps leftover from Easter?  Our boys like to eat Peeps “as is”, but they also like to toast them, like marshmallows. We are planning to do this at an upcoming cabin overnight with our Venturing crew.

When perfectly toasted, the sugar coating on the Peep caramelizes.  And the marshmallow insides becomes really gooey, just like in a regular toasted marshmallow.

JD is the best Peep toaster in our family. He can roast a Peep to perfection every time. He treats it like an art form.

Slightly stale Peeps work as well as, if not better than, fresh ones. So stock up on a few boxes when they go on sale and take them on your next campout. Scouts of all ages enjoy them.


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