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Run Ons: They’re All Over and All Around! I Can’t Get Away!

Run ons are the little brothers of skits. They are very brief intermission in a campfire program. Sometimes it is just a single interruption to the program, sometimes they are in series. The group of run ons below can be used either way. The first three will each stand alone. But if they are done throughout a campfire program, the Scouts will start looking forward to the next one. In each case, Person 1 enters the stage all agitated and Person 2 asks what is wrong.

The Belt

Person 1: It’s all around me! It’s all around me!!!

Person 2: What is all around you?

Person 1: My belt!

My Clothes

Person 1: It’s all over me! It’s all over me!!!

Person 2: What’s all over you?

Person 1: My clothes!

I’m Nuts

Person 1: They’re after me! They’re after me!!!

Person 2: Who is after you?

Person 1: The squirrels! They think I’m nuts!!!

I Can’t Get Away

Person 1: I can’t get away from them! I can’t get away from them!

Person 2: What can’t you get away from?

Person 1: These corny run ons!!!


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