Product Review: Colter Bandanas

I recently received some bandana product samples from Colter Co. with a request for a review. Love these! In addition to being practical and useful, these bandanas are also fun. I also found the bandanas to be good quality. The printing was bright and held up well to multiple trips through the washing machine.

Use coupon code ScouterMom at the Colter Co. website to get 15% off your order. Coupon is valid through the end of March 2017.

They sent me three different samples. My favorite was the Stargazer Bandana (also on Amazon) because it glows in the dark. The bandana features a glow in the dark sky chart showing many constellations. If your pack or troop is planning a stargazing event, this would be a fun accessory.

The second bandana was Know Your Knots (also on Amazon).  This bandana features drawings of many common knots. Each knot has just a little information with it, such as common uses or hints for tying. Obviously it won’t replace basic knot instruction, but it can help remind a Scout of the different knots and which one is best for a situation.

The third bandana is Cabin Fever (also on Amazon).  This one is basically a portable game board. It can be used for checkers, tic-tac-toe, dots and boxes, or marbles. I can picture imaginative Scouts taking this out backpacking and then finding sticks, or rocks, or whatever to use as checkers. So this would make a fun gift for your Scout who enjoys playing games on campouts.

All three of these bandanas are available in a three pack.  There are also some other interesting options available, including a cypher bandana and a fly fishing knot bandana. I think any of these would make a nice gift for a Scout.


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