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Issues While Rechartering

A reader sent in this question about issues while rechartering:

Does the BSA ever deny a charter during recharter, and for what reasons would they deny a recharter?

I am not personally aware of a charter being denied provided the membership fees are paid and the paperwork is in order. I suppose it is possible that the charter would be denied if you are not following BSA policy or don’t have qualified leadership, but in my experience the local council will work with units to help them do what is necessary to get them chartered. I am not sure what the cause for concern about issues while rechartering is in this case though.

If you think there might be issues at recharter time, you should contact your unit commissioner and your district executive. If you are ever concerned that there might be a problem it is better to ask ahead of time so you can get any issues resolved before the due date.


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  1. Greg Avatar

    BSA is enforcing the due date of when the unit completes and turns in their recharter package. If it is not turned in on time, the unit will not be rechartered. They have been very lenient in the past but are enforcing the due dates now. We are suggesting to have the recharter package completed early and not wait until the 11th hour.

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