Who Should Wear a Scout Uniform?

Who Should Wear a Scout Uniform

Katie sent in this question:

Hello, I am the Religious Emblems Coordinator for our troop and have been for the past 3 years. I am also a committee member at large. I’ve never bought myself a boy scout uniform. In your opinion, should I be wearing one? I’m beginning to think I should, but no one has ever asked me to, or invited me to, so I don’t want to raise myself too high by getting one. Thanks for your thoughts and input.

Thanks for the question Katie.

Yes, you should wear a uniform. As a committee member you are a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, and therefore you can wear the Scout uniform as an adult leader.

Wearing a uniform will identify you as an adult leader in the unit. It will also set a good example for the youth.  Robert Baden-Powell said

Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I’ll show you a poorly uniformed leader.

If the youth see the adults in uniforms, they are more willing to wear the uniforms. If the adults are not in uniform, then the youth are often less willing to wear them.

So go ahead and get that uniform.

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7 responses to “Who Should Wear a Scout Uniform?”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    Yes, buy a uniform and wear it proudly, but please look at the uniform inspection sheet and wear it properly. I am a trainer for our district as well as a den leader and committee chair. As such, I see a lot of leaders, especially females, who do not wear the uniform correctly. Shirts should be buttoned and tucked. Belts are not optional. Also, pay close attention to required patches and their placement. Keep in mind that many optional patches, such as recruiter patches are for youth only.

    1. Katie Avatar

      Thank you, Sandra. I appreciate your input and welcome more.

      1. Michelle linscott Avatar
        Michelle linscott

        There are female cut shirts that do not require being tucked in. You do not have to tuck those.

  2. Dan Meyer Avatar
    Dan Meyer

    Please wear the uniform. As a Cub master, Scoutmaster and now Venturing Crew Advisor, I’v discovered that wearing the uniform at all meeting gives the unit camaraderie. For some reason when the uniform is worn by everyone, the scouts do better, the adult work together and the charter organization promotes us. Believe it or not, I’ve seen my committee work better when everyone has a uniform. It’s not easy because most adults feel the uniform is only for the boys (and Venturing Girls), and their leaders. But the uniform should be encouraged for every adult that is registered with BSA. When the scouts sees the scouter (especially the parents)wear the uniform they are more incline to wear theirs and stay in scouting longer.

  3. Robert Snip Avatar
    Robert Snip

    Please wear the uniform, definitely, but please wear a FULL uniform, not just a part of on jeans. A pet peeve of mine is Adult Leaders casually wearing just a Scout shirt, often with wrong patch placement or missing patches. It makes the uniform(part) look like an afterthought and in my opinion reflects back onto the pack or troop.
    Kids like to follow an example, so be the BEST example you can be for them.

  4. anonymous Avatar

    Me and my family part of a pack and I have recently been told by our charter organization that only leaders are allowed to wear the uniform. And that I and my wife would need to stop wearing our uniforms, including to den and pack meetings. Our Council supported them in their decision. They said that it was their right as the charter to run the pack the way that they see fit. So I guess, if you are not sure, you will need to follow your charter organization.

  5. Brannigan Draic Avatar
    Brannigan Draic

    I have no role but… In addition to being the unofficial temp Webelos Den Leader of our pack, I am a BSA member w/ 2 Cub Scouts, have completed CS19 Den Leader Training, YPT (Youth Protection Training) & BALOO (+, +, …). You can count on me wearing my uniform with all of my earned badges! Wear it like you own it, because you do.

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