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Den Leader Neckerchiefs

Kim sent in this question:

I searched all the literature I can find, and have not yet found an answer. What neckerchief does a Cub Scout Den Leader wear – the Cub Scout Leader, or the Rank? A few older websites reference that it should be the rank, unless you are a committee member/scout master – in which case you wear the leader neckerchief; the official online store and guide doesn’t say anything and offers the leader neckerchief. This is especially confusing since the Webelos leader have a special rank neckerchief that they are supposed to wear.

Thanks for the question Kim. According to Section 1 of the BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia,  Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scout den leaders wear the blue and gold Cub Scout leader neckerchief.  Webelos leaders wear the Webelos leader neckerchief, which is Webelos plaid with gold trim.

But also note, that according the the BSA Cub Scout Adult Leader Uniform guide:

Neckerchief—Optional, Den Leaders may wear any official BSA neckerchief.  They do not wear youth neckerchiefs.

I recommend you ask about these at your local Scout shop. They are also available from the online store:


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  1. Brent Avatar

    Some packs and troops also have their own custom made neckerchiefs, and many adult leaders do not wear them at all. The Wood Badge candidate (Mac Laren Tartan Troop 1) and Wood Badge neckerchiefs may also be worn by those who have earned them.

    Thanks for maintaining such a great Scouting resource!

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