Stone fleur-de-lis also called fleur-de-lys

The Fleur de Lis and Scouting

Monica sent in this question:

Hi, We have our blue and gold coming up in a few weeks. Most boys are earning their Arrow of light but we have one boy who is only crossing over and one boy who is ending his scout career this year and not joining a boy scout troop. I will be ordering AOL plaques. I have found a similar beautiful plaque with a fleur de lis which I plan to give to the boy crossing over. What do we present to the boy who is quitting scouts? Any ideas? My understanding is he has earned the webelos rank– but hasn’t he also earned the entry to boy scouts (even if he chooses not do). SO would the fleur de lis plaque still be appropriate? Thanks.

Thanks for the question Monica! Yes, it would be appropriate to give all of the Webelos a plaque with a fleur de lis as a gift. The fleur de lis is not just the symbol of Boy Scouts, or even the Boy Scouts of America. It is a meaningful symbol of Scouts all over the world. The small purple patch worn by Scouts all over the world is called the “World Crest” and features a fleur de lis.

Lord Baden-Powell said of the symbol: “It is the Badge of the Scout because it points in the right direction (and upwards) turning neither to the right nor left, since these lead backward again. The three points remind you of the three points of the Scout Promise”. These three points are duty to God and country, duty to others, and duty to self.

So the fleur de lis plaque would be appropriate for use in recognizing any Scouting achievement. It is not specific to the Boy Scout program. You will find it used in the Cub Scout program also since it is a universal symbol of Scouting.

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  1. Sarah May 19, 2015 at 7:33 PM #

    Interesting, as every Scout in Australia – from the youngest 6 year old to the oldest leader wears the Scout Emblem on their uniform – we recive it when we make our promise to become scouts.

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