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Flip the Bird Tag

This is an active game which is a combination of tag and keep away. In it, a players work together to keep their friends from being tagged. “Flip the Bird” is the traditional name for this game, but if you think it will cause too much of a stir, you can just call it “Bird Tag”.

Flip the Bird Tag


You need something to be the “bird”. This can be a rubber chicken, a towel with a knot tied in the middle, a ball, etc. Use your imagination.


  1. Choose somebody to be “It”.
  2. Define the boundaries of the play area.
  3. Give the “bird” to somebody who is not it.
  4. “It” tries to tag the other players. “It” can tag anyone except the person currently in possesion of the “bird”.
  5. The players work together, throwing the “bird” to the person being chased to prevent “it” from tagging them.
  6. When somebody is tagged, they must sit on the side of the play area.
  7. Last person not to be tagged wins. Hr or she gets to be “It” for the next round


This game is meant to teach teamwork. However with younger children, some might not want to throw the bird. If this is the case, make the rule that nobody can keep the bird for more than the count of three.

Another option is to have multiple birds and only the people with the birds can be tagged. Know your group and adjust the rules as necessary.

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