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Getting Parents to Sign Kids Up for Cub Scouts

How to Get Parents to Sign Kids Up for Cub Scouts

Samantha sent in this question:

We are looking for ways to attract mothers to sign their children up for the Cub Scouts. I was wondering if you can give me any tips or what can attract mothers to have their sons join cub scouts. I hope you e-mail me great advice and tips because we want to be able to recruit more boys to join the Boy Scouts of America!

Get Some Professional Help

Our district professionals go to local schools and do great presentations directly to the children. These are well prepared and humorous. Many of the kids go home and insist that their parents go to the School Night to Join Scouting the following evening. This is a very effective way to get kids to join Cub Scouts.

Program, Program, Program

At the unit level, having a great program gets youth and their parents involved. If parents hear about all of the fun things a pack is doing, then they want to get their sons and daughters involved in it. Without a great program, parents might just see Cub Scouting as another activity to try to cram into an already busy schedule.

Readers, what are your best ideas for convincing parents to sign their kids up for Cub Scouts?

More Resources to Join Cub Scouts

How To Locate a Cub Scout Pack in Your Area

  1. Go to the BeAScout website.
  2. Locate the box labeled “Find Cub Scouting Units in Your Area”
  3. Enter your zip code and click on the arrow.

Scout Moms, Dads, and Leaders Facebook group

Check out this Facebook group to interact with other Scout families and Scouters. they can also give you ideas for recruiting and retention.


4 responses to “Getting Parents to Sign Kids Up for Cub Scouts”

  1. Carol Maynard Avatar
    Carol Maynard

    I think that it is important to emphasize the leadership opportunities for the boys. That is an area that sets Cub Scouts apart from sports teams. Show that Cub Scouts will enhance the skills and responsibility that the parents are trying to teach at home.

    Also make sure that you make the parents aware that they will need to be involved in the pack. It is not a “drop and run” babysitting service!

  2. Daniel Szatkowski Avatar
    Daniel Szatkowski

    Be sure to smile, a lot!

  3. keli Avatar

    Have a scout go to the school events to tell how much fun they have. The younger ones are really enthusiastic, and irresistible. Have them pick 2-3 favorite activities to tell parents about.

  4. Beth McKinstry Avatar
    Beth McKinstry

    Have your calendar of events ready to show just how much fun you have prepared for the upcoming year for the scouts. You’ll look organized, thoughtful and tuned into what young boys like to do.

    Yes, emphasize, leadership and fun, making new friends and doing new things, that the family may not usually do, ie archery, BB’s, camping, etc.

    In regards to competing with sporting activities, I gently insert that in scouting, no boy sits on the bench!

    Good luck!

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