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Backpacking Troop Program Feature

BSA has created updated versions of the Troop Program features for Scouts BSA. The Backpacking program feature is available in digital format on the BSA website or can be purchased as a publication from you local Scout Shop.

The Backpacking program feature helps Scouts learn how to prepare for and carry out a backpacking outing The program feature includes some general information and some more specific ideas for meetings:

  • How to get backpacking equipment within a budget
  • Backpacking first aid
  • Practicing Leave No Trace on a trek

Suggested troop meeting ideas are grouped by essential, challenging, or advanced. Here are a few you can see in the guide.

Essential Backpacking Skills

  • Learn to pack
  • Fuel and light a lightweight stove
  • Shield a stove from the wind
  • Cook a backpacking meal
  • Learn the principles of Leave No Trace

Challenging Backpacking Instruction

  • Practice hiking with a full pack
  • Adjust the pack for comfort
  • Learn about weight distribution
  • Inventory and repair the shared gear
  • Make ground cloths
  • Create a menu for a weekend backpacking trip
  • Create a shopping list and obtain the food

Advanced Ideas for Backpacking

  • Learn about ultralight gear
  • Research types of gear and costs
  • Use map skills to plan a trek, keeping campsites and water sources in mind
  • Calculate mileage and difficulty for a trek
  • Learn how to utilize normal food on a trek
  • Discuss how to repackage food
  • Discuss a Leave No Trace ethical dilemma

There are also several games suggested to keep things interesting at your troop meetings.

  • Scout Pace Contest
  • Leaking Backpack
  • Walking Race

The plan even provides Scoutmaster’s minutes and ceremonies for meetings.

Then there is the “Main Event”. Once again, there are suggestions for essential, challenging, or advanced. Details and planning aids can be found in the online guide.

  • Shakedown hike(essential)
  • Overnight trek (challenging)
  • Multi-night trek (advanced)

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