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Product Review – Columbia Omni Heat Jacket

Omni Heat Jacket product Review

I found out recently that one of the perks of being a blogger is that companies occasionally send you free products to review. Who knew? Anyway, the way I found out is that the folks at Columbia sent me an Omni Heat Mighty Lite Jacket to try out. It arrived earlier this week. Just in time for the 20 degree highs we’re getting.

2020 Note: Ten years later, I am still wearing this jacket. It has definitely held up. I wear it almost every day during the winter.

I like to walk every day, even in cold weather. It helps me clear my head and stay in shape. Columbia claims that this jacket, despite its light weight, is extremely warm. So I wore the jacket while I was out walking this week. The temperature during my walks ranged from the teens to the mid twenties with wind chills as low as the single digits. Here is what I thought:


As claimed, this jacket is lightweight but warm. When I went out walking, I only wore a lightweight polyester long sleeved shirt under the jacket – no other layers. I was very cozy despite the cold temperatures. I was surprised, since the coat I normally wear in this type of weather is much bulkier. So it was very warm for the weight, as advertised.

I liked the fit a lot. It is snug along the torso, so the cold air doesn’t creep up through the bottom. The arms were well fit and shoulders were roomy and I did not feel at all constrained. It was very comfortable to wear while taking a brisk walk.


I want to give a balanced review, so I have to find something I didn’t like. I guess I’d have to say that the downside would be the price. Like a lot of Scouters, I don’t have piles of money laying around. I often buy off of the clearance rack. So if I were going to purchase this coat, it would be a splurge. But if I could find it at a good price, I would get it.

(Considering my 2020 note above, ten years later I think this coat is well worth the price!)

Here is a link to the jacket on Amazon below so you can see what it looks like and the current price.
Omni Heat Mighty Lite Jacket


4 responses to “Product Review – Columbia Omni Heat Jacket”

  1.  Avatar

    Just wondering about the temperature you mentioned. I live in Canada and use Celsius temperatures. When you say “teens” is that in F or C? I’m looking for a jacket that would keep me warm dusting the snow off my vehicle in the winter but not too warm while driving to work. Thanks for your help!

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      That is in fahrenheit, so it would probably be comfortable for what you described.

  2. reid Avatar

    I’m trying to decide whether to get an Omni Heat skiing jacket or just a regular columbia insulated jacket. the priced difference is about $25. i was just wondering if it would be worth the extra money.

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      I really like how this jacket isn’t bulky, much less than the other Columbia coat I have. I don’t know the specifics of the two you are looking at though. If you can find them at a local retailer and try them on then that is probably the best way to decide.

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