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Light the Candle Game for Cub Scouts

Light the Candle game is a simple game which works in well with a holiday themed meeting. It only requires a few materials and not much preparation, which makes it ideal in my mind. And it works indoors. It will give your Cub Scouts a chance to run off some energy after they’ve been sitting at a meeting.

And no, this does not involve Cub Scouts playing games with real candles!

Light the Candle Game

No, this does not involve actual candles or flames. This fun game makes a good Christmas party game for young children.


  • Toilet paper tubes one for each player
  • Wadded up yellow paper



  • Place the tubes on the opposite side of the room


  • Divide the group into two or more teams.
  • One player from the team takes his yellow paper and runs across the room.
  • He sticks the paper in the cardboard tube and stands the tube up so it looks like a lit candle.
  • He runs back to his team and tags the next player.
  • Continue in relay fashion.
  • The first team to “light” all of their “candles” wins.


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