Arrow of Light Requirements – Camping

I received this question from a reader:

Hello, Is camping over night with a boy scout troop, a “must” for Webelos for the Arrow of Light badge? If they just participate in Boy scout led activities during the day, is that enough? Thanks !

I think you are thinking of Arrow of Light requirement 4 and maybe 5:

4. With your Webelos den, visit at least one Boy Scout troop meeting and one Boy Scout-oriented outdoor activity.
5. Participate in a Webelos overnight campout or day hike.

As I read the requirements, the Webelos are not required to camp overnight.  An outdoor  activity could be a hike, a field day, an outdoor cooking demonstration, or any number of things. And for requirement 5 it clearly gives the option of doing a hike instead of camping.

That being said, if your Webelos have the opportunity to camp, try to take advantage of that. It will be an adventure for them, teach them some independence, and prepare them to join Boy Scouts.

Parents should be strongly encouraged to go also so they can learn more about Scout camping and be better prepared to support their sons as they continue on in Boy Scouts. They can set a good example by getting out of their comfort zone with their sons. And who knows. They might learn to enjoy it!

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