Safety Programs Feature for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide suggests a Safety troop program feature for August 2012.  This program feature offers the opportunity to introduce kids to safety programs in a troop setting. A PLC can use this program feature to plan a month of activities with a focus on safety.

The plans for the Safety troop program feature can be found in  Volume 3  of Troop Program Features from BSA:

Having a good experience on a troop campout requires safety practices that prevent accidents. Safety is actually a prevention tool. Performing a project correctly, using the proper tools and procedures, could protect you from serious injury.

Safety Programs

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including first aid.  Older scouts can earn the Safety merit badge and Fire Safety merit badge. Some other related merit badges include First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Lifesaving. All scouts can help develop safety programs for their campouts.

The feature event for this program is a campout where safety programs are developed and practices. As an alternative, youth can arrange a visit to a hotel to learn about safety in public buildings or set up a display about safety programs in a mall.

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