Cub Scout Archives: Soaring the Skies

Soaring the Skies is one of the Cub Scout program themes for the core value of faith. Here is what the program helps say about this theme:

“Faith is having inner strength and confidence based on your trust in a higher power. When you try something new, innovative, or dangerous, it takes faith to make the attempt—faith that a higher power will guide you and keep you safe. It takes faith when we want to fly into the soaring skies. We need faith in the pilots, co-pilots, the engine and electrical system, the compass, and all of the airplane’s instruments. More importantly, it is faith that gives you the courage to board a plane, knowing that a higher power will make sure you take off, fly to your destination, and land safely. This month’s theme reminds us that faith helps us reach for the sky with our goals and that we should keep faith in all aspects of our lives.”

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