Troop Running a Pack Meeting

Tonight, our Scouts BSA Troop is running  the Pack meeting for our Cub Scouts. They are going to divide into dens and each den will have several Scouts BSA doing skill instruction with them. They are working on things like knots and outdoor skills which relate to the advancement for each den. While they are doing that, the Scoutmaster (my husband), is going to talk to the Pack parents about the Scouts BSA program.

This will serve several purposes. It will allow the Scouts BSA practice their instruction techniques on younger kids. It will give the Cub Scouts a chance to interact with the Scouts BSA while working on rank instruction. And it will give my husband a chance to introduce the Scouts BSA program to the Cub Scout parents. We find that many of the Cub Scout parents have no idea how different Scouts BSA is from Cub Scouts.

The Scouts BSA have been developing and practicing their sessions over the last few weeks. I think everything will go really well. I know the Cub Scouts will enjoy having so many of the older boys working with them. It will be like their Den Chiefs, but multiplied.

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  1. DenLeaderMatt Avatar

    What a great idea! I’m going to borrow this one for later in the year.

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