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Home Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

This is a home safety checklist for Cub Scouts to use. It can be used with Wolf Achievement 9 (Be Safe at Home and on the Street).

There is a longer BSA home safety checklist for use with some Scouts BSA merit badges, but this abbreviated list will be easier for Cub Scouts to use.

Printable copy of   Home Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

Home Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

___ There are no toys or items on the stairs
___ Stair handrail is secure.
___ Stairs are well lit.
___ Poisons and dangerous chemicals are stored in their original containers out of reach of children.
___ Medicines stored in their original (childproof) containers out of reach of children
___ Matches are kept where children cannot get them.
___ Knives are stored in a safe location.
___ Use a stepladder if you need to reach something high.
___ Pot holders are within easy reach of stove and oven.
___ A fire extinguisher is in the kitchen or adjacent room.
___ Toys are put away when nobody is playing with them.
___ Furniture is arranged so room exits can be reached easily in an emergency.
___ Smoke detectors are installed in every bedroom, kitchen, and garage.
___ Smoke detectors are regularly checked to make sure they are still working.
___ Carbon monoxide detectors are also checked regularly.
___ Bunk beds have rails to prevent falls.
___ Low windows have sturdy screens or bars to prevent children from falling out.
___ Trash and other flammable materials are not stored near from stoves, furnaces, and heaters.
___ Know where the water shutoff valve is and keep it easy to get to.
___ Know where the fuse box or circuit breakers are and keep them easy to get to.
___ Tools are stored neatly in garage and out of the reach of young children.
___ Toys, bikes, and sports equipment is neatly stored in garage.
___ Hands are dry before touching electrical switches
___ Electrical sockets are equipped with safety plugs if there are young children in the house..
___ Everyone in your family knows how to call 911 for emergency help.
___ Poison control number is posted where everyone can find it..
___ Home first aid kit is well stocked.
___ Family has a fire escape plan and practices it regularly.
___ Everyone knows what to do if they smell gas.
___ Keep a small emergency water supply on hand.
___ Keep flashlights where you can find them if your electricity goes out.


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