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Sweet 16 of BSA Safety | Qualified Supervision

Keeping our Scouts safe is our number one priority as Scouters. The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety describe the measures we should use at all Scouting activities. The first point of the Sweet 16 is Qualified Supervision (see below).

A couple of years ago, a Scout from our troop was working on a service project. He was building some shelves and wanted to get some guys from the troop together to help him. His dad had said he would be “keeping an eye on things”.  Since saws and tools were involved, the Committee sent him a copy of the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety, and he didn’t get any further than the first point. He said he didn’t really think he could provide “qualified supervision” for the group. So alternate plans were made.

So I guess the lesson is that we need not only need to be aware of the Sweet 16, but we need to educate the other parents in our units about them also.

From the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety on the website:
Every BSA activity should be supervised by a conscientious adult who understands and knowingly accepts responsibility for the well-being and safety of the children and youth in his or her care. The supervisor should be sufficiently trained, experienced and skilled in the activity to be confident of his/her ability to lead and to teach the necessary skills and to respond effectively in the event of an emergency. Field knowledge of all applicable BSA standards and a commitment to implement and follow BSA policy and procedures are essential parts of the supervisor’s qualifications.


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