Personal Fitness Merit Badge Log Sheet

About This Personal Fitness Merit Badge Log Sheet

There is also a full workbook available for all of the requirements for the merit badge.

Part of the requirements for this badge include doing some fitness tests periodically and recording a fitness plan over a period of 12 weeks. There are some worksheets available for this on the web, but back when LC was working on this badge, the ones we looked at didn’t really fit in with the fitness plan which LC and his merit badge counselor agreed to.

So I fired up the spreadsheet program and helped LC with a new worksheet. It is really basic. But the spaces are fairly large. (LC’s printing is not small!) So if you find this helpful, great! But remember, if you don’t find what you are looking for, just look at what is out there, keep the parts you like, throw out the parts you don’t need, and come up with an aid which works for you.

Note that this log worksheet was designed to do the tests every two weeks instead of four. You can simply skip the extra tests or do them for your own information.

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  1. Tara Avatar

    Thank you so much Scouter Mom for sharing this useful tool for recording my scouters’ personal fitness stats. It’s perfect!

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