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Using the Same Event to Fulfill Two Different Requirements

Greg sent in this question:

For Scouts BSA, can the same meeting fulfill both requirements for the communication merit badge and the citizenship in the community? Or do they have to be separate meetings?

Thanks for the question. The Guide to Advancement actually answers this specific question:

Some requirements may have the appearance of aligning, but upon further examination actually differ. These seemingly similar requirements usually have nuances intended to create quite different experiences. The Communication and Citizenship in the Community merit badges are a good example. Each requires the Scout to attend a public meeting, but that is where the similarity ends. For Communication, the Scout is asked to practice active listening skills during the meeting and present an objective report that includes all points of view. For Citizenship, the Scout is asked to examine differences in opinions and then to defend one side. The Scout may attend the same public meeting, but to pass the requirements for both merit badges the Scout must actively listen and prepare a report, and also examine differences in opinion and defend one side

2019 Guide to Advancement Section

So this seems pretty straightforward. The requirements for each merit badge are different, but they may fulfill both requirements at the same public meeting.


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