Venture Crew Officers

We had a Venture Crew meeting last Sunday and officer elections were on the agenda. It turned out to be more like “officer volunteers” since we only have about 8 really active members and there are 5 offices.

We have the same young woman as president as last year, and she’s been doing a really good job, so that’s great. JD was persuaded (by me) to run for Treasurer instead of doing VP-Admin again since we really need a Treasurer who will keep track of finances. DS is going to be VP-Program again. And we have a young man who volunteered to give VP-Admin a try. No Secretary yet, but we might still get one.

So what do  all of these offices mean? The leadership structure in a Venture Crew is much different than in a Boy Scout Troop. Here is a brief summary of the suggested responsibilities for each officer.

Venture Crew Offices


The Crew President works with the other officers to ensure that the Crew runs smoothly. The President presides over Crew meetings. The President also works with the Crew Advisers and other adult consultants, actively seeking advice when necessary.

Vice President – Administration

The VP-Admin takes charge of the Crew when the Crew President is not present. The VP-Admin also is usually in charge of membership and recruiting. He or she tracks advancement .

Vice President – Program

The VP-Program oversees the execution of Crew activities. He or she recruits and supports other Crew members who plan and carry out each activity.  The VP-Program regularly surveys the Crew members to learn their interests.  He or she keeps a calendar with activity dates.


The Crew Treasurer maintains the Crew financial records. In some situations, he or she might be responsible for maintaining the Crew checking account and writing checks.  The Crew Treasurer collects dues and keeps track of Crew member accounts. He or she works with other Crew members to organize fundraisers.


The Crew Secretary keeps track of attendance and records meeting minutes. He or she is responsible for Crew communications in the form of newsletters, emails, phone trees, etc.

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