Wild Weather Adventure Game

This is a board game I came across recently on the NASA Space Place website. It is going to take a little time for you to print and prepare the materials, but I think this would be a hit at any weather themed scout meeting.

The game comes with question cards which are labeled easy, medium, or hard. For younger scouts, you might want to stick with the easy and medium questions. Boy Scouts and Webelos could probably use the whole set. Most of the questions are multiple choice or true/false, so they have a chance at getting it correct.

Here are the printable parts for the game:

Game Board – This is a large game board and will have to be printed over multiple pages. If you are having trouble with this, use the alternate playing board below.

Wild Weather Adventure Game Full Size Board (Page by Page) – This game board will print on standard 8×11 sheets.

Question Cards – These are meant to be printed double sided. Print the first five sheets. Then turn these upside down and feed back through the printer to get the last five pages on the back side.

Instructions and Weather Folklore – Instructions for preparing and playing the game.

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