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Earning All of the Merit Badges

Heather sent in this question:

I have two boys one is almost done with all 137 Merit badge he is 15 and I know most of the merit badge go together. Now my 10 year old is now a boy scout and came to me the other day and said he to would like to get all 137 as will. Would you know were I could a breakdown of the merit badge that correspond with each other. For Exp. fishing,Fly fishing and Fish and wildlife management all go together and Archaeology, geology, mining in society or geocaching , orienteering and search and Rescue. If you know were I could find something like this it would help. please and thank you.

Wow! It sounds like your sons are really goal oriented. Good for them.

I do not know of any such list. I recommend that you let your 10 year old work on this with the help of his older brother. Since his older brother has already done this, he should be able to help little brother figure out which badges have similar topics.

Is this because he wants to do requirements simultaneously? If so, he really needs to consult with the counselors about this. Keep in mind that many of the requirements specifically don’t allow “double dipping”. So that is where the counselors will help him determine if he can do the same requirement once for two or more different badges.

I know it is difficult, but I recommend that you as a parent try to stay out of this process as much as possible. It will be more meaningful to your son if he works on it with the help of other youth. And this is a big part of how the Boy Scout program is supposed to run.

Readers, what do you think? Any insights or resources?

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