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Audience Participation – Stick Out Your Tongue and Touch Your Nose


Having some audience participation helps break up a Pack meeting. Doing something like a cheer, song, or stunt is especially important if your Cub Scouts have been sitting for a little while. Have everyone stand up, including the parents, and do something funny.

A few years back we had a Cubmaster who really enjoyed audience participation segments. The cornier the better! This is a classic along those lines.

This would also work to help demonstrate the importance of clear communication when giving instructions.

Stick Out Your Tongue and Touch Your Nose

Cubmaster: Everyone stand up! Parents also! Now I want to see how many of you can stick out your tongues and touch your noses.

Most will try to touch their tongues to their noses. It is a very funny sight. After about 30 seconds to a minute, the Cubmaster intervenes.

Cubmaster: You are doing it the hard way. I’ll show you the easy way.

The Cubmaster sticks out his tongue and simultaneously touches his nose with his finger.


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  1. Guy January 19, 2011 at 11:18 AM #

    My dad did this trick (stick out your tongue and touch your nose) as a Cubmaster, circa 1968. The only problem was there was a kid in my den, Ronnie, who had an extraordinarily long tongue, and he was able to win the contest without the gag ending!

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