Cooking Kebabs on a Fire

Cooking Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout Planning Guide suggests a Cooking Troop Program Feature  for November 2013.  This cooking program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month’s worth of troop activities with food and cooking theme. With the Cooking merit badge being added to the list of Eagle required badges, this  is a very timely program for Boy Scouts.

The plans for the Cooking troop program feature can be found in  Volume 1 of Troop Program Features from BSA:

This month we will strive to broaden the Scouts’ culinary horizons by showing them how to prepare varied camp meals without spending a lot of time around the cooking fire.

Cooking Program for Boy Scouts

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including cooking, camping, and hiking.  Older scouts can earn the Cooking merit badges. Other possible badge choices for this science program theme include the  Backpacking, Camping, Pioneering, and Wilderness Survival merit badges.

The featured activity for this month is a patrol feast, with each patrol using the cooking skills they have learned to prepare food which goes beyond the simple sandwiches and hot dogs they sometimes fix at camp.

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