Scouting Program Archives: Winter Camping Troop Program Feature

Winter Camping Troop Program Feature

Say the word “camp” and most Scouts and Scouters will conjure up an image of sunny skies, the balmy air of spring or fall, or the heat of summer, and lots of outdoor fun.

But there’s plenty of fun in winter camping, too. Admittedly, conditions can be rough, especially in the northern states when snow blankets the ground and temperatures dip into the teens or lower. Curiously, though, your troop is likely to remember with pleasure
the outings when the Scouts overcame cold, wet, and mud and had a memorable time anyway.

The big event will, of course, be a cool campout. If your troop has a lot of young Scouts, consider choosing a site with access to cabins or other shelters in case the weather gets beyond their capabilities.

Find the complete plans for the Winter Camping Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.


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