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Youth Religious Emblem Knot

Jessica sent in this question:

Hi there – I am wondering if the religious emblems of faith carry over from a cub scout uniform to a boy scout uniform or if it must be earned again in boy scouts. I know our religious organization has different programs for different ages for our emblem. Just wondering the logistics on this.

I believe Jessica is referring to the purple youth religious emblem square knot which may be worn on the uniform. They may wear the knot as Boy Scouts if they earned a Cub Scout religious emblem. There are actually devices (small pins) they can wear on the knot to indicate at which levels they received awards.

Scouters who earned a religious emblem as a youth member of a Scouting organization may also wear this knot. In fact, since I earned the Marian award as a Girl Scout, I wear the knot on my uniform.


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  1. Beth May 19, 2014 at 3:15 PM #

    If she is referring to the actual emblems of faith from places like PRAY publishing, the answer varies. The medallions carry over, the pins are intended to be parent pins (like the rank pins) and are not worn on uniforms, the patches go on a “brag” vest, but are not worn on the uniform unless worn “temporarily” for some reason.

    We’re looking into offering the PRAY program through our church, so I just finished researching all of this for our vestry proposal :).

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