Shooting Troop Program Feature

Shooting Troop Program Feature

Shooting sports are on the rise in this country. Archery and rifle, shotgun, and black-powder shooting are all popular. The Boy Scouts of America has promoted safe shooting for many years. This month your troop can learn about one or more of the shooting sports and have a lot of fun.

If your Scout council camp has shooting ranges, you are encouraged to use them, under proper supervision from the council. Other possible resources are archery clubs, gun clubs, black-powder clubs, the military, law enforcement agencies, and community groups. Be sure to follow the guidelines on shooting sports as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

The highlight activity can be a weekend campout with emphasis on shooting sports. Stress good camping practices for the younger Scouts. Each patrol might be asked to prepare a special activity based on a particular outdoor skill.

Find the complete plans for the Shooting Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.


Shooting Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

One of the resources which BSA provides for Boy Scout troops is a set of troop program feature guides. Our troop is planning a shotgun shooting outing in August, so they will probably be looking at some of the ideas in the Shooting program feature.

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