Pioneering Troop Program Feature

Pioneering Troop Program Feature

Give an experienced outdoorsman a bow saw, hand ax, and some poles and ropes, and in short order he will make some camp furniture, bridge a stream, and build a big “toy” like a monkey bridge. The skill is called pioneering. Scouts love to learn how to do it, and of course it will increase their capabilities in the outdoors.

Pioneering requires plenty of poles and lots of lashing line and heavy rope, especially for big projects like monkey bridges. Before planning this program feature, be sure that you will have access to both, especially for the big event, Woodsman’s Weekend. If necessary, you can do miniature pioneering at troop meetings using garden canes and twine. But for the big event, be sure that you will have lots of poles and smaller spars as well as lashing line and rope.

The Woodsman’s Weekend might be held at Scout camp, if the camp has pioneering gear. Otherwise, look for a campsite where you can get permission to gather a number of poles and spars at least 6 feet long and 2 to 3 inches thick, as well as smaller ones. Someone who has a wooded lot that needs thinning might give the troop permission to cut what is needed.

Find the complete plans for the Pioneering Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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