Physical Fitness Troop Program Feature

Physical Fitness Troop Program Feature

Since one of the main purposes of the Boy Scouts of America is to promote physical fitness, this program feature is right on target. Besides, most Scout-age boys love physical action, so they will eagerly participate in the suggested activities.

Troop meeting instruction and practice will cover most of the physical fitness requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class ranks. There are also lots of games and contests requiring strength and agility.

The big event will be a Scout decathlon, a series of 10 events requiring strength, agility, coordination, and some sports skills. It will be run as an interpatrol competition. The Scout Decathlon could be either an afternoon event or the centerpiece of a weekend campout. The site might be an athletics field or a camp with a large playing field.

Find the complete plans for the Physical Fitness Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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