Hiking Troop Program Feature

Hiking Troop Program Feature

“SCOUTING is three-QUARTERS -OUTING.” Anyone who has been around the BSA very long has heard that saying. Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are the heart of Scouting’s attraction for boys. Spending plenty of time outdoors will help every troop succeed.

The hiking program feature concentrates on hiking skills. It also offers Scouts opportunities to learn other outdoor lore. As they prepare for hikes and set out on the trail, younger Scouts can work on a variety of requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class. Older Scouts will be able to tackle some of the requirements for a number of outdoor-related merit badges.

The troop’s big event for the month will be a trail trek – a hike of at least five miles in territory unfamiliar to the Scouts. As the patrol leaders’ council is planning a hike, they might want to figure out some special activities to do along the way – nature study, map and
compass use, or some other skill Scouts will enjoy. The destination of a hike can suggest activities, too – fishing in a lake or stream, cooking a meal over a camp stove or open fire, reaching the top of a high hill, or pitching in to help with a conservation project.

Find the complete plans for the Hiking Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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