Cooking Troop Program Feature

Cooking Troop Program Feature

With the possible exception of “It’s time for swimming,” no call in camp is as welcome as “Come and get it!” There is something about the outdoors that adds flavor and zest to the simplest meal. Even the lowly hot dog and hamburger taste better in a camp setting.

Strive to broaden the Scouts’ culinary horizons by showing them how to prepare varied camp meals without spending a lot of time around the cooking fire.

Troop meeting demonstrations and practice will concentrate on the cooking skills that younger Scouts need to learn – menu planning, use of woods tools to prepare fire fuel, fire lays, and cooking. Older Scouts can work on more advanced cooking skills.

Find the complete plans for the Cooking Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.


Camp McMuffins Recipe

One of the challenges of camp cooking is the amount of time it takes. Here is an easy and quick recipe for a breakfast at camp. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation or ingredients, but you still get a good breakfast to start a busy day.

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