Communication Troop Program Feature

Communications Troop Program Feature

Every human is constantly communicating through speech, reading, body language, even a raised eyebrow. We have many other means of sending and receiving messages, too – the telephone, television, radio, photographs and drawings, computers, recorded tapes, and compact discs.

Scouts can explore some of the older means of communication such as Morse code, flags, and sign language. Each patrol might want to become proficient in one means of communication and teach it to the others.

Find the complete plans for the Communications Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.


Picture Telephone Game

Picture Telephone is a visual version of the classic telephone game. Our Crew recently played this during the Communication section of the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews course.

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Tent Pitching Contest (Standard or Blindfolded)

Tent pitching contests are an inter-patrol activity staple. To make it a blindfolded tent pitching contest, just add blindfolds. If you want, let one team member keep his vision, but he can only participate by giving verbal instructions to the others. This makes a good communications exercise also.

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Partially peeled banana

Banana Bandanna Skit

The idea behind the skit is that the Scouter with the banana has misunderstood the announcer. Every time the announcer says to do something with the bandana, the Scouter does it with a banana instead.

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Snapper Fishing Game

This is a traditional Scout game which might date back to Baden-Powell himself. It practices Scoutcraft (lashings) as well as cooperation and problem solving.

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