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Tag: Inspiration (Minutes)

  • Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

    Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

    With Order of the Arrow elections approaching in the coming months, I though I’d share this Scoutmaster minute about cheerful service. It will help the troop remember what they should be basing their votes on and it should help current OA members remember the ideals they should be trying to live up to.

  • Den Chief Pledge

    Den Chief Pledge

    We have a new Tiger Cub den in our Cub Scout pack which does not have a Den Chief yet. So for his Scoutmaster Minute, my husband read the Den Chief Pledge and asked any of the Scouts who are interested in learning more about being a Den Chief to see him.

  • Scoutmaster Minute – Only One

    Scoutmaster Minute – Only One

    Here is a Scoutmaster Minute which reminds us not to focus on the big insurmountable problem. Instead, just do what you can.