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BSA Tiger Den Meeting 3 – Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe (Food Pyramid and Fire Drill)

This is the third in the series of Tiger den meeting plans provide by BSA. If you are using this series, it works best if you do the plans in order. So do the previous meetings before this one.

Here is a link to the BSA den meeting plan along with some other documents you might find helpful. My tips for implementing this plan are given below the box:
Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 3

BSA Tiger Den Meeting 3 – Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe (Food Pyramid and Fire Drill)


You will need to bring a number of things to this meeting to follow the plan. Just make sure you gather them up beforehand so you are not scrambling at the last minute.

Gathering Activity

Food Pyramid Go Fish would be a perfect gathering activity for this meeting.


Keep it simple! Just saying the Pledge of Allegiance is fine. You can add it the Tiger motto also.


As always, I recommend you do this as quickly as possible. The Tigers will find the business part of the meeting boring and you will lose them quickly.


Achievement 3Fb – Have each family plan what to do if the Tiger Cub ever becomes lost or separated from his family. You might want to discuss the Buddy System. If your families are new to Scouting, they might not be familiar with it.  You can also go over the Travel Safety Checklist which covers this a little also.

Achievement 3D: Have each adult partner and Tiger Cub draw a food pyramid on poster board. See my Food Pyramid Poster article for ideas.

Achievement 3Fa: Have each adult partner and Tiger Cub plan a family fire drill. Remind them to practice it at home. My article Fire Drill Time! has a fire drill instruction sheet you can send home to give them some tips for their fire drills.

Elective 28 : With your adult partner, check the batteries in the smoke detector in your home or another building. I like the idea of brining in a smoke detector and testing it. The Tigers will enjoy the noise. 🙂

Complete the Character Connection for Health and Fitness (Part of Achievement 3D). My dens always find the Character Connections a little dull. Sometimes I move these up to the start of the meeting. The farther we are into the meeting, the more difficult I find it to get them to sit down and have a discussion.

Achievement 3G: Discuss the rules of the game or sport that you will observe during the next den meeting (unless the sequence is changed). For your Go See It for Achievement 3, you will be going to a sporting event. So you can discuss the rules now so you are ready when you go see the game.


Once again, keep it simple and brief. They are usually ready to go at this point. Hand out the recognitions and then do something simple like the Law of the Pack or the Cub Scout Promise.

2 Responses to BSA Tiger Den Meeting 3 – Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe (Food Pyramid and Fire Drill)

  1. Holly September 23, 2011 at 6:00 PM #

    The Dept. of Ag has recently changed the pyramid to “choose my plate” and my boys had literally JUST done a color wheel in their school class the week before. To shake things up a bit, I combined the two to cover Achievement 3d and part of the art belt loop requirement. It required a lot of talking on my part, and there were plenty of messes, but I think the boys preferred to listen about food groups more if a paint brush was in hand… and I made sure to hit primary colors first followed by mixing them to create the secondary colors later. The new food guide doesn’t have a yellow represented anywhere, so I cut out circles and we painted the yellow to represent the “sun” for “playing outdoors” and “exercise.”

  2. Bryan October 21, 2014 at 9:42 AM #

    Being new to Scouts, and starting out fresh right out of the gate as a new Tiger Den Leader, this site is an amazing resource! Thanks for putting this out there for those that are like me – meaning soaking wet behind the ears!


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