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BSA Bear Den Meeting Plans # 11 – The Past Is Exciting and Important and Information, Please

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the website. These plans are full of Bear den meeting ideas. Today’s article covers the eleventh Bear Cub Scout den meeting plan. This plan focuses on Bear Achievement 8 – The Past Is Exciting and Important and Bear Achievement 17 – Information Please.

This meeting is a field trip. If you can’t arrange a field trip or the location you are visiting can’t help you with all of the requirements, see my Bear Achievement 8 and Bear Achievement 17 pages for some different ideas for completing these requirements.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Bear Den Meeting Plan 11 to follow along with this article.

BSA Bear Den Meeting Plans # 11 – The Past Is Exciting and Important and Information, Please

Preparation and Before the Meeting

This meeting is a field trip to a newspaper office or a TV, cable, or radio station, so much of your preparation will involve setting the visit, getting permission slips, arranging drivers, etc.


Check out my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Do a simple indoor flag ceremony or an outdoor ceremony. Don’t forget to give each of the Wolves a chance to participate in flag ceremonies.


Keep business short and sweet.


On the  field trip, complete achievement 17c

Visit a newspaper office, or a TV or radio station, and talk to a news reporter.

and achievement 8a

Visit your library or newspaper office. Ask to see back issues of newspapers or an almanac.

Next do achievement 17b

Play a game of charades at your den meeting or with your family at home.

Finally, do achievement 17d

Use a computer to get information. Write, spell-check,  and print out a report on what you learned.


Close with the Law of the Pack or the Cub Scout Promise.

After the meeting

Have the Scouts thank the people at the location they visited.  Talk to the parents about what you will be doing at the next meeting and arrange for some of them to help.

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