First Class Requirement 8 – Bowline Knot, Bandages, Rescue from a Smoke Filled Room, and Heart Attack Knowledge

First Class Scout Badge

  • Demonstrate tying the bowline knot and describe several ways it can be used.
  • Demonstrate bandages for a sprained ankle. and for injuries on the head, the upper arm, and the collarbone.
  • Show how to transport by yourself, and with one other person, a person: from a smoke-filled room with a sprained ankle, for at least 25 yards.
  • Tell the five most common signals of a heart attack. Explain the steps (procedures) in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
Summer Camp

Camp Programs for First Year Boy Scouts

Summer camp is usually the highlight of the Scouting year. It can be particularly exciting for first year Boy Scouts. It can also be a little intimidating. A program designed specifically for new Scouts will help them adjust to camp life.

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Klutz Book of Knots

My Favorite Knot Book

This book was recommended a few years ago when I went to Cub Scout BALOO training. I am not a “knot person”. I can watch someone do a knot and repeat it, but an hour later it is forgotten.

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