Me and My Family

Me and My Family

I am a mother of four boys. When my oldest son got involved in Cub Scouting my husband and I knew nothing about the Boy Scouts of America or any of its programs. My son loved the Cub Scout program, as did his younger brothers. My husband and I offered our support as our sons became more and more active. When they moved on to the Boy Scout and Venturing programs, so did we.

Sometimes I look back and wonder how we got here. We started out tentatively, not really knowing what to do and what was expected of use. We would like to help other Scouters by sharing what we are learning on our journey.

Scouter Mom
I am an Assistant Scoutmaster in the Boy Scout troop for my youngest three sons. I am a merit badge counselor for Citizenship in the Community, Camping, and Cooking.  I am the Crew Advisor for the Venturing Crew, which serves as the high school youth group for our parish. I don’t have any kids in the Cub Pack anymore, but I am still working with the pack as the Pack Trainer.

I am a web site designer, web developer, and Windows software developer. You can find out more about my commercial business at A2ZWare.

My Husband
My husband is currently the Scoutmaster for the troop and an Associate Advisor for the Crew. He is also a merit badge counselor for Emergency Preparedness, Astronomy, and Nuclear Science.

My Sons
(Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)
JD is my oldest son and is quiet and extremely intelligent.  He is an Eagle Scout and a National Merit Scholar. He currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop and still enjoys camping with the troop when he is home from college. He is serving on camp staff this summer for the fifth year for our local Cub Scout resident camp as a scoutcraft director.  He is an avid climber and is a member of the newly formed climbing club at his university, an interest which was sparked when he was a Boy Scout.
My next oldest is DS. He is a natural leader .  He is also an Eagle Scout and recently aged out of the Boy Scout program. He intends to stay active with the Boy Scout troop and wants to continue to camp with the unit.  DS is also attends crew activities when he is home from college. He is serving his fourth summer on staff at our local Cub Scout camp. This year he will be program commisioner. He also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee at his university.
My third son, LC,  is also quiet and has a sweet temperament. He is currently Life rank. LC has attended Venturing NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) and has served as staff on a Boy Scout NYLT. He will is attending high school and is involved in the climbing club, the math team, and ultimate frisbee.  He is currently the VP-Program for our Venturing Crew. He will be joining his older brothers on camp staff at our local Cub Scout camp as an aquatics counselor.
ZM is youngest son and is outgoing and just a little mischievous. ZM lives life with gusto. He is currently Life rank. He has been excited to finally get involved in the Venturing Crew this year.  ZM will be attending Venturing NYLT this summer and is looking forward to starting high school in the fall.