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More Pack Meeting Ideas for February – Resourcefulness

The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of February is resourcefulness. The program helps give this explanation of resourcefulness :

Using human resources and other resources to their fullest. Cub Scouts will gain the knowledge and the means to meet situations effectively whether they are working on a service project or completing a den activity.”

I posted a few ideas last year, but here are some more ideas for incorporating resourcefulness into your Cub Scout program:

  • The Resourcefulness Character Connection is one of the requirements for Bear Achievement 21 – Build a Model:
    • Know. Review the requirements for this achievement and list the resources you would need to complete them. Then list the materials you could substitute for items that you do not already have. Tell what it means to be resourceful.
    • Commit. After you complete the requirements for this achievement, list any changes that would make the results better if you did these projects again. Tell why it is important to consider all available resources for a project.
    • Practice. While you complete the requirements for this achievement, make notes on which materials worked well in your projects and why.
  • These ideas could be incorporated into any building project. Have a “pack model workshop” where you help the Cub Scouts work on related achievements. While the Bears are working on their models, Tigers could work on Tiger Elective 17 – Make a Model, Wolves could make a model for Wolf Elective 5 – Spare Time Fun, and Webelos could make displays for models for Craftsman Activity Badge.
  • If a workshop is too big a project for your Pack, how about a model fair? Cub Scouts could bring in models and display them.  Check out my Tips for a Hobby Fair for some ideas.
  • Work resourcefulness into a service project. Collect gently used books for a daycare center or homeless shelter. (Make sure you have a location which wants the books beforehand.)
  • Talk about conservation and the importance of using our natural resources wisely. You could incorporate the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop and Pin into the pack program.
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