Ice Applause and Snowball Applause

A quick silly applause adds some fun to a Pack meeting. Do this after the Cub Scouts have been sitting down for a few minutes. They will be ready to make some noise. Or do this to recognize them, like after a den does a flag ceremony or a den demonstration at your meeting.

When you do your applause with the group, demonstrate it first. Then have everyone do it together, as much in unison as possible. Then end it with some actual clapping.

These two applauses go with this month’s Winter Wonderland theme.

Ice Applause

Walk in place carefully. Then start saying “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” and moving your arms like you are slipping on a patch of ice.

Snowball Applause

Pretend like you are picking up some snow and forming it into a snowball. Then “throw” your pretend snowball and say “Splat!”

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