Regular Crew Meetings

Our Crew has been going for about 10 months now and our officers are still trying to determine what will work for the group. Up until now, our meeting schedule has been pretty irregular. Things have been going pretty smoothly for the group, but it seems like regular meetings would help with planning and growing.

So I discussed some of these thoughts with our Crew president, and she thought that regular meetings would work well also. She discussed some ideas with the whole group and their reaction was positive.

The Crew serves as our parish high school youth group, so they have decided to meet at noon right after the last Mass on the first Sunday of each month for planning, team building activities, and discussion time. They thought it would be fun to have lunch during the meeting.

So we’ll see how this works for them. If they seem to like it, I’m probably going to suggest they try adding another Sunday each month. The flexibility of the Venturing program means we can keep adjusting our program to make it work for the needs of our group.

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