Boy and Soccer Ball

Soccer Drill – Soccer Croquet

This month I am featuring a soccer theme for Cub Scouts.  A soccer drill can make a fun gathering activity or an end of the meeting game for a soccer themed meeting. This drill emphasizes teamwork, dribbling skills, and passing accuracy.

Soccer Croquet


  • 1 soccer ball for each pair of players
  • cones


  • Place the cones in pairs on the field, a three feet apart


  1. Divide the group into pairs.
  2. The pairs line up on the sideline.
  3. Blow a whistle to signal the start of the drill.
  4. For each pair of players, one player dribbles out to a pair of cones and passes the ball through them to his partner.
  5. The partner then dribbles to another pair of cones and passes them back to his team mate.
  6. They continue doing this untill they have passed the ball through all of the pairs of cones.
  7. The pair returns to the sideline.
  • The pairs can do the cones in any order, but the must do all of them.
  • For younger players put the cones a little farther apart. To make it more challenging, put them closer together.


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