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Soccer Cake

A few years back, one of our son’s coaches had an end-of-season party for the soccer team. My husband likes to decorate cakes, so he made a soccer cake for the party. Since I am showcasing a soccer theme this month, I thought I’d share the idea with you.

He mixed up a box of cake mix. Any flavor will do. I think he used chocolate. He baked about 1/2 cup of the batter in a small very round bowl which was about 4 inches in diameter. The rest he baked in a standard rectangular cake pan.

Next he made a large batch of butter-cream icing.  He made a good amount of it bright green and covered the rectangular cake with it (flat side up). He used some white icing to draw the field lines, goal box, etc. on the cake.

Then he took the small round cake and put it on the cake, round side up. He might have shaved a little excess cake off of the bottom to flatten it. He  decorated this like a soccer ball. He used white frosting and black frosting, although the black frosting was really more gray since it is difficult to make a true black out of butter-cream frosting. I remember him having the soccer ball there in the kitchen with him so he could use it as a model.

Finally, he made a little of the frosting red and wrote a large “Score!” on the cake. He had made lots of frosting, so the excess was spread between graham crackers and put in the freezer for a treat for our sons.

I wish I had taken a photo. It was a really cute cake and the soccer team loved it. But the idea is simple enough that you should be able to picture it.

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