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Crew Activity – Teen Area at Homecoming

Our parish Fall Festival is coming up in a couple of weeks. This also serves as a homecoming for the parish grade school. This year, the organizers are trying to make the event appeal more to teenagers.  Our Venturing Crew asked if they could do some sort of service project at the event, and it was decided that they would provide some sort of gathering spot for the teenagers. So they are going to have a pavilion type tent which is for teens only – no little kids allowed.

It sounds like they are going to put up some decorations in the pavilion and have some snacks and a cooler full of Gatorades. And there will be music. They might also run some sort of games from time to time. They are still mulling it over. After all – they still have three weeks left for planning. 🙂

I’m not sure exactly how this will turn out, but as the Advisor, my job is to sit back and let them make the plans the way they want to do it. They know I am there if they need me. This is probably the most difficult part of being an adult in a youth led program, but it is also where I see them grow the most. It is a great experience for these teens to call up the event organizers, who they don’t really know, and ask about this and that.

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