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Sweet 16 of BSA Safety | Permit and Notices

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety describe the measures we should use at all Scouting activities. The twelfth point of the Sweet 16 is Safety Permit and Notices (see below).

Basically, this means if you need a permit, get one. When our troop has a fire in the fire ring at our local city park, we are required to get a fire permit from the city. Would anyone say anything if we just built the fire? Probably not, but the permit is required by ordinance so we always get one.

This also refers to BSA tour plans. Not every outing requires a tour plan, but many do. If you are not familiar with the tour plan and when it is required, you can read more about tour plans on

From the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety on the website:
BSA tour permits, council office registration, government or landowner authorization, and any similar formalities are the supervisor’s responsibility when such are required. Appropriate notification should be directed to parents, enforcement authorities, landowners, and others as needed, before and after the activity.

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