Cub Scout Law of the Pack Letter Tile Puzzle

Cub Scouts should know the Law of the Pack, but unless they are reciting it all of the time, they aren’t going to remember it. This puzzle will help reinforce the Law of the Pack.

This puzzle would make a nice gathering activity for a Pack Meeting or Den Meeting.

This is a letter tile type puzzle. The letters in the Law of the Pack are written on “tiles” of four letters each. Arrange the “tiles” in the space provided to reconstruct the Law of the Pack.

A key is included, so if you can’t figure out how the puzzle works, it should be clear when you look at the key. If not, just post your question here.

The puzzle:

And the key:

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One response to “Cub Scout Law of the Pack Letter Tile Puzzle”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    Thank you very much for this puzzle. A great gathering activity!

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